Accountable Patient Management


Sentinel™ PRO

All-Access Management Solution

Touch-free Sign-In, Temperature Scans, Mask-On Detection & Health Questionnaire Records

Protect your residents and staff while maintaining compliance with state and federal mandates

Sentinel™ PRO is a comprehensive solution for all these objectives. It includes an advanced thermal camera for Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) and face mask detection, a registration kiosk for visitor sign-ins, a health screening questionnaire, and badge printing. A smartphone app offers touch-free sign-in for staff and frequent visitors.

Sentinel PRO Sentinel PRO Visitor and Staff

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Thermal Camera
For Personal Screening

The Temper-Sure Thermal Camera is a high quality thermal camera for scanning personnel and visitors, detecting mask compliance and raised temperatures.

Building access can be screened without human interaction, thereby potentially minimizing the risk of personnel infection.
(temperature attendants.)

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