Bariatric Frames/Mattresses

  • Geo Mattress Atlas

    Supporting up to 750 pounds, the Geo-Mattress® Atlas™ is designed to meet the unique skin integrity challenges of the bariatric client.

  • Matrix Low Bed

    Matrix™ 1000

    The Matrix Bariatric Bed has been designed to support bariatric patients who may require special positioning. The expandable bed frame design accommodates support surfaces up to 54″ wide. The bed is equipped with a central steering lock system and 6″ swivel casters which assist in safe patient handling.   Features  Five Function Hand Pendant Trendelenburg/Reverse…

  • Matrix_750

    Matrix™ 750

    Weight rated from 750 to 1000 pounds Choose from three or five function electric operation Emergency battery back up, eliminates manual hand crank Hospital grade casters, 5″ diameter, for ease of transporting Rugged molded head & foot boards Heavy duty actuators for deck positioning Width expandable models narrow for door way access, no need to…

  • Matrix_bari_Low_Bed

    Matrix™ Bariatric Low/Long Bed

    The Matrix Bariatric Low Bed assists how hospitals and long term care facilities address fall prevention with a low resting height of only 10″ and also aides in safe patient handling with a central lock/steering system. The five function bed with cardio chair positioning addresses the wide range of patient care needs. The flexible adjustments…

  • sentinel_II_acute_low_bed

    Sentinel II Model 3875

    The Sentinel ll Bariatric Low Bed provides your bariatric patients with all of the above in an easy-to-use design, engineered to allow you to give your patients the best possible care.