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    AirPal Lateral Transfer Matt

    AirPal introduced the FIRST air-assisted transfer system for enhanced patient comfort and reduced nursing injuries.

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    BridgeAir™ Lateral Transfer Matt

    BridgeAir is an air-assisted lateral transfer and repositioning mattress available in both Single Patient Use and Reusable models. It offers a significant reduction in the forces required to laterally transfer and reposition patients to contribute to reducing caregiver injury.

  • HoverMatt® Air Transfer System

    The HoverMatt® Air Transfer System is the number one choice of hospitals for patient transfers, boosting, turning and positioning.

  • Kinetec CPMs

    OptiFlex S Shoulder CPM. Designed to provide anatomical motion for the shoulder with enhanced patient comfort, compliance and more beneficial outcomes. Addresses full range of motion capabilities.

  • Opti Flex Knee CPM

    The sleek design is not only visually appealing but also therapeutically functional.The ultra-wide carriage design is engineered to accommodate the typical knee replacement patient as well as the athletic and pediatric patients.

  • Sit to Stand

    Sit To Stand Lift

  • Stand Assist

    Stand Assist

  • Currie Pnuematic CompressionCurrie Pnuematic Compression Leg Cover

    Currie Pneumatic Compression

    The ALP® (Alternating Leg Pressure) DVT Prevention System is a non-invasive external intermittent pneumatic compression system used as prophylaxis for reducing the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis ( DVT ). The ALP® (Alternating Leg Pressure) consists of a pneumatic compression pump and an extensive range of breathable garments, including foot, calf-length, and thigh-length. The ALP®…

  • Venodyne


    In conditions requiring prolonged bed rest or as a standard of care during and after surgery, the Venodyne venous compression system is used intraoperatively to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT).