Matrix™ Solace ALAL System

The Matrix Solace ALAL System offers superior microclimate management, normalization of pressures and stability during ingress and egress to and from the beds surface. To find out how this is possible, take a moment to watch this short video.


Layers of Therapy

  • 8″ of ALAL Air Cells
  • 2″ Visco Foam Base Layer
  • 4-D Stretch Cover

Control Unit Features

  • Ultra quiet, high output control unit manages patients microclimate
  • Extremely responsive microprocessor inflates in seconds
  • Soft/Firm key to provide variable pressure to accommodate patient’s weight and comfort
  • Illuminated Power Key
  • Quick disconnect feature for CPR
  • ustomizable 5/10/15/20 minute alternation of air chambers
  • Fowler Boost for extra lift in seat area during HOB elevation
  • Max Inflate for ease of working with patient during procedures and during turning and repositioning

Alternating Air Cells

  • 8” of individually inflated air chambers
  • True Low Air Loss Therapy maintains perfect Microclimate keeping moisture and heat accumulation to a minimum
  • Stable ingress and egress due to non- billowing effect
  • Auto adjust to patients movement
  • Four Static head zone LAL cells for stability
  • Custom sizes for Bariatric and Standard frames

Viscoelastic Foam Base Layer

  • Provides extra comfort
  • Stability for are cylinders that are on top
  • Support layer during inner facility transfers or power outages

4-Way Stretch Top Cover

  • Moisture Vapor Permeable
  • Water proof
  • Works against forces of Shear and Friction
  • Antimicrobial
  • Lining works in conjunction with air flow circulating underneath to keep the surface cool and the patients microclimate in check.