The Posey Enclosure Bed is a complete bed system that provides a safe, controlled environment for patients at risk of injury from fall or unassisted bed exit.

  • Canopy made of water-repellent, skin-friendly, and durable nylon
  • Perimeter guards for temporary use during patient care
  • Locking casters to secure bed during patient transfers and when patient is unattended
  • Four access panels for patient care from all four bed sides
  • Four tube ports
  • Quick-release buckles lock the zipper pull-tabs for added patient security
  • Foam canopy pads secure around the metal canopy frame

Posey Enclosure Bed

Patients at extreme risk of a serious injury from a fall or unassisted bed exit. The Posey Support Surface is for use within Posey Bed for padding and to help secure sheets.

The Posey Enclosure Bed helps meet the CMS requirements for less restrictive devices by reducing the need for physical restraints.