By providing insight into unmet needs, hundreds of healthcare professionals helped us design the new generation of hospital beds.

The result of a close collaboration with healthcare professionals

By providing insight into unmet needs, hundreds of healthcare professionals helped us design the new generation of hospital beds: the ook snow.

With its 360 approach on fall prevention and infection control, this low-height bed now satisfies your most demanding needs in a way that’s remarkably intuitive. Whether you’re in a med-surg or high acuity care unit, your highest standards will be completely redefined. Discover the ook snow now.

A 360° approach on fall risk prevention

The ook snow bed was designed around an extensive fall prevention approach. Its enviable 10″ low height pairs up with powerful characteristics — including a bed exit system, an ergonomic design and advanced safety features — so that the bed becomes your key ally in addressing fall risks.

Cleaning: done well, done fast.

Sometimes, the smallest details make the largest difference. That is why the ook snow goes above and beyond to prevent infections and facilitate cleaning.Hidden wires, no cracks, seamless smooth surfaces, an open architecture … each of its cleanliness-oriented characteristic will save staff time without compromising on sanitation protocols.

The advantages of an intuitive interface

Simple. Sleek. Colorful. All models of the ook snow bed line offer an intuitive design built around one single powerful platform. Gain in staff efficiency (and satisfaction!) by relying on a full range of value-driven capabilities and user-friendly technologies.

A bed that maintains dignity

The ook snow bed helps you provide care in a way that contributes to patient autonomy and satisfaction. Its appealing look, superior quality and advanced characteristics all come together to maintain patients’ dignity.

Key features and specifications

We are proud to offer beds that can be built à la carte. Customize your ook snow with the features that make sense for your patients, your clinical needs, and your institution’s preferences.

  • Overall length (with bumper) 88″ / 224 cm
  • Extended length 92″ – 98″ / 234-249 cm
  • Overall width
    • Siderails down 39.25″ / 100 cm
    • Siderails up 40.5″ / 102.9 cm
  • Height range (to litter top)
    • Low (with 5″ / 12.7 cm dual casters) 10″ / 25.4 cm
    • High (with 5″ / 12.7 cm dual casters) 10″ / 25.4 cm
    • Low (with 5″ / 12.7 cm single casters) 11.5″ / 29.2 cm
    • High (with 5″ / 12.7 cm single casters) 31.5″ / 80 cm
  • Patient surface positioning
    • Backrest 0° to 60°
    • Knee gatch 0° to 30°
    • Trend. / Reverse Trend. ± 16°
    • Boostless™ 4″ / 10.2 cm
  • Patient surface dimensions35″ x 80″ or 84″, 88.9 x 203.2 cm or 213.4 cm
  • Caster diameter 5″ / 12.7 cm
  • Scale system accuracy (in all bed position) 0.5% with a maximum difference of 1.1 lb / 0.5 kg