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Our dynamic BodyMove™ system helps form part of your first line of defence against tissue damage.

Helping improve outcomes

Our dynamic BodyMove™ system helps form part of your first line of defence against tissue damage. When moving from supine to a sitting position in bed, the body naturally lengthens. Empresa’s BodyMove auto-regression feature accommodates this change, so not only does it help with pressure distribution, it helps improve comfort too.

Safety is always a key consideration in your purchase decision. Our industry-first FloorBed® technology brings proven effectiveness in the management of bed falls and the prevention of associated injuries.


Key information

  • Bed raises to 31.5 in, enabling caregivers to complete care tasks at an appropriate height
  • Low head and footboards enable access for care tasks, such as hair care and lower limb dressing
  • Low head and footboards facilitate access to sliding sheets at the head or foot of the bed, allowing a single caregiver to reposition a person up or down the bed
  • Standard width mattress platform is compatible with most mattress systems
  • No trailing wires. Wires fix securely to the bed frame, reducing the risk of damage and allowing  safe use of a mobile hoist
  • Plug and play motors, making maintenance easy
  • Backrest elevation function can assist with transfers and offer a range of movement for the user. The raised position enables easier eye contact resulting in better social interaction. In some cases, it may reduce fluid build-up in the lungs, facilitate improved respiratory function and assist with swallowing
  • Knee break function enables users to retain their position more easily as it can reduce the risk of the user slipping down in the bed. The function may also help to reduce fluid and pressure in legs and ankles

Dimensions & specifications

  • Mattress platform height range: 3.9 in to 31.5 in
  • Overall dimension: 40 in width x 82.3 in length
  • Mattress size standard: 36 in width x 80 in length
  • Mattress size with width extension: 41.3 in width x 78.7 in length
  • Mattress size with length extension: 86.6 in
  • Lift range (excluding mattress): 3.9 in – 31.5 in
  • Safe working load: 600 lbs
  • Maximum patient weight: 525 lbs
  • Profiling functions: Backrest with auto-regression, kneebreak, care position, comfort position, Trendelenburg, Anti-Trendelenburg, backrest/leg rest auto-contour
  • Trendelenburg function: 15 degrees
  • Liquid ingress protection: IPX6